1. Collaboration with influencersFind fashion and jewelry influencers or bloggers and collaborate with them. Ask them to review your products or share them on their social media. This can contribute to increased brand awareness and reach a new target market for your online store.
  2. Crafts fairs, local boutiques and exhibitionsParticipate in jewelry trade fairs and exhibitions where you can present your creations to a wide audience. This is a great opportunity to network, acquire customers, and show off your talent.

Creating silver jewelry and establishing your own jewelry brand is not only a fulfillment of dreams about creative expression, but also a chance to develop your own business. With the company 925CRAFT, you can get support and high-quality components for jewelry making. Long-term experience, a professional production hall, and a wide range of products make them an excellent partner for those who want to start creating jewelry and start their own jewelry business. Remember, making jewelry is not only a way to express your creativity but also an excellent idea for your own business. Use various ways to promote your jewelry brand to reach a wider customer base and achieve success in this industry.




What is the processing time for my order?

Goods availability statuses are for informational purposes only, they only approximate the estimated delivery time of the goods ordered by the customer. Statuses are updated once a day on every working day and they may change during breaks between updates.

Information about product availability does not guarantee its immediate fulfillment. In the case of goods being sold out before we start processing the received order, the order completion time may be extended. Thus, the customer is aware that the need to produce a new batch of goods may prolong the order fulfillment time.

Specific colors approximate the following:

Green color – shipment within 1-10 working days

Gray color – shipment within 5-20 working days

925CRAFT informs that during holiday periods (Easter, Christmas) and Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, and Black Friday, the order fulfillment time may be extended, which is associated with a large number of orders placed during these periods.


Is there a division of orders and when is it possible?

In the case of pre-paid orders, there is the possibility of dividing the order and sending all available products faster. The remaining items, right after the completion of their production, can be sent with the next order or separately. For separate shipping of the second part, additional shipping costs need to be covered.


Do you offer discounts?

Available discounts are shown here: Discounts, which are automatically calculated when the product is added to the cart.


Can I receive component samples?

Everything depends on the product, so we ask for an individual inquiry.


Can I return the goods?

By placing orders, the customer agrees to our Terms and Conditions. Silver products without galvanic coating are not personalized products and are subject to returns only by retail customers. However, any galvanic interference makes a given article made to the customer’s order and their choice – at this point, the product becomes a personalized item, which is not returnable. Engraving and individual projects are also considered personalized products.


Why do I have to incur implementation costs for castings to get a sample?

Silver casting production is a complex process that requires not only excellent manual and plastic skills, but also many years of experience and deep knowledge. The ability to think creatively and aesthetically is key, and its development is not limited by time. The creative process is complex and requires the cooperation of at least two designers who together interpret the design and its concept. Work on the project is continuous, includes tests, modifications, and improvements. Preparing the perfect design usually takes several hours over many days, which is necessary to adapt it to the customer’s vision. Often we hit the customer’s expectations right away, but it happens that after seeing the visualization, the customer decides to change the concept and the design needs to be adjusted.


Why do I have to pay for laser project estimates?

Creating laser projects is a process that requires skills, experience, and creativity. This process consists of several key stages, from consultations and design, through modifications and tests, to considering various factors, requires not only specialized experience but also exceptional creativity. The project is often carried out by a team of at least two designers. Creating the perfect design usually takes a few days, and the result must match the customer’s vision.


Can we meet in person?

Of course, but we ask for a prior consultation, preferably by phone, in which we will discuss the brand’s assumptions. In the next steps, we can help in designing jewelry, and in the case of a ready-made project – we will start the project based on sent sketches, verbal description, photos, or professional designs made in jewelry specific design software. We can also mark the finished elements, cover them with any color – however, our capabilities are limited, so it is worth discussing the brand concept earlier to not waste valuable time.


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