Gemstone beads for jewellery making

Precious stones, also called gemstones and jewelry stones – are unique, most miraculous and rarest stones in nature. Centuries ago, people dreamed of having these precious minerals, but not many could afford them. In the past, possession of stones testified to power, wealth and class affiliation. They were used to decorating crowns, tiaras, jewelry and coronation robes, which made them known as precious stones. These highly valuable minerals also adorned objects of worship and temples, and were treated as protective talismans. They are being created for years by nature in different parts of the world, which is why they delight with their beauty and unique charm. It is understandable why for centuries these jewels have encouraged jewelers around the world to decorate the highest quality body adornment with them.

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January 8, 2024

How to make cat themed jewelry

In this article, we delve into a fascinating aspect of the jewelry world, where the motif of the cat, long present and cherished, continues to captivate with its unchanging elegance and mystery. Cats, these adorable and graceful creatures, are not only favorites of many but have also become an integral inspiration for jewelry designers. In our article, we explore how this favourite pet has been artistically transformed into sophisticated ornaments, reflecting both beauty and subtlety as well as the independent spirit of the cat’s world. Over the years, cat in jewelry has evolved, maintaining its position as a symbol of both style and personal expression, thus becoming not only a fashionable accent but also a deep reflection of the fascination with these mysterious creatures.
May 11, 2023

Create stunning Modular Jewelry with Silver Jewellery Findings

Modular jewellery has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering individuals the ability to make unique and personalized pieces that reflect their style and taste. With a wide selection of silver findings, you can easily create modular bracelets, necklaces and earrings that feature beautiful sterling silver and gold charms, beads and various other designs.
March 17, 2023

Gold jewellery making

Precious metals have been one of the most valuable materials for mankind for centuries. One of them is gold, which has something amazing about it. Perhaps this is due to its nobility, beauty and gloss, but there are many materials that are also noble, valuable and even more beautiful than gold products.
February 23, 2023

Silver hoop earrings in a new version – part 2

Oh, those hoop earrings! They are timeless, adored by women around the world, ear decorations. For this reason, for many ladies, they are a must-have pair in a jewelry box. Their shape fits not only into the popular recently geometric jewelry trends, but also very fashionable – lavishly decorated. As a consequence, they no longer resemble classic minimalist hoops.
November 8, 2022

Fashionable jewellery for winter 2022/2023. How to make jewelry for winter, Christmas and New Years Eve!

What jewelry will be fashionable in the coming winter 2022? Spectacular, spatial, geometric, inspired by nature and vintage style, often reminiscent of works of art. This year, jewelry designers have mastered the mania of size, which results in scaled forms present on the world’s largest catwalks.
September 22, 2022

Fall 2022 jewelry trends

The upcoming season, which is autumn 2022, is a perfect time for lovers of splendor, glamour and plethora of sparkle. World-famous jewelry designers competed in ideas, offering extremely surprising jewelry creations. The runways were dominated by floral, geometric, cosmic shapes, richly decorated with precious stones, crystals and pearls.
July 12, 2022

Skin pack – jewellery packaging ideas

Many years of cooperation with clients having their own jewelry brands, constantly mobilizes us to develop and adapt new solutions, not only in producing wholesale silver jewelry, but also in other jewelry services. One of them is jewelry packaging, which plays a huge role both in the transport and further storage of jewelry findings.
July 12, 2022

CNC jewelry services

As a manufacturer of jewelry with almost 30 years of experience, we built a modern machine park, so in addition to the production itself, we also offer other jewelry solutions, such as CNC services, foundry services, galvanization, soldering, production of personalized jewelry and production of advertising jewelry.

Create your own unique jewellery,

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Semi-finished products

A wide range of silver and gold jewellery components.

Thousands of products in one place - everything you need for professional jewellery making. 925CRAFT offers a wide assortment of jewellery blanks that help our customers succeed in the jewellery market by creating original collections.

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Stones and crystals

Crystals, natural stones and pearls from the company's own brand GAVBARI.

Amazing jewellery stones to enhance your collections. The most popular cuts and types of cuts that beautifully reflect light and harmonise with plating. Create jewellery in any style that your customers will not be able to resist.

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Customised designs, electroplating, jewellery engraving.

Comprehensive production services for silver and gold components by laser casting and cutting, electroplating, engraving of jewellery, coating and alloy testing, production of customised and promotional jewellery.

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DIY zone

We show you step by step how to make original DIY jewellery.

We provide professional jewellery training courses with theoretical and practical parts. We provide interesting instructional videos on Youtube DIY WITH SILVEXCRAFT. O The tutorials show you how to easily implement your own jewellery project.

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